Some of our experience includes the creation of a comprehensive training program for diving supervisors for a nuclear generating station training department, modified and improved standards and requirements for qualification as a diving supervisor. Updated all diving related procedures, maintain diving standards up to date with OSHA, MIOSHA, Coast Guard and ADCI standards. Assist as a qualified technical specialist in performing the NUPIC Quality Assurance audit of underwater service companies. Also currently assisting in translations and development of The Divers Association programs, which is working along with Diving Contractors and Regulators around the world to improve diver safety and attain global unity in diving safety standards.


Perform all planning, scheduling, budgeting and managing of Online and Outage underwater tasks as well as special projects and modifications. Prepare all budgets for approval, project proposals and bidding preparations as well.

  • Damaged fuel transfer cart repair under critical path.167040_1814171878035_3241024_n
  • Fish Deterrent System work.
  • Weld repair of taper pin on surge chamber valve.
  • Valve stem repair on fuel transfer canal containment penetration valve.
  • Welding repair of the Center Intake.
  • Turbine Room Sump cleaning and inspections.
  • Screen house work, replacement of CW WMO, and ESW vortex Suppressor inspections
  • Traveling Water Screens lower unit.
  • Cleaning and maintenance on Cooling Towers, Johnson Screens, pump bays.
  • Replacement and repair of up ender cylinders in the fuel transfer canal.
  • Nuclear Dryer mod repair/welding.
  • Nuclear Dryer cut up.
  • Condenser cooling water valve seal repair.
  • Spent Fuel pipe/ sparger cut up and removal.
  • Condenser tube repair.
  • Spent fuel transfer canal proximity switch repair.
  • Condenser cooling water valve seal repair.
  • Penetration dive in the cooling canal .
  • Nuclear Dryer  modification up grade.
  • Traveling water screen repairs/rebuild.
  • Atlantic intake modification ( Environmental modification to prevent Sea Turtle  entrainment).
  • Valve stem repair on fuel transfer canal containment penetration valve.
  • Tourus inspection and coatings repair.
  • Suppression Pool inspection, cleaning and T-strainer repair.
  • Clean up of matressing and repair of damaged pipe in the cooling water tower.
  • To include regular, online preventive maintenance and inspection work at 22 nuclear power stations.
  • Over 30 outages performed in nuclear power plants.




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