NEDCON International LLC  provides consultation and supervision services focusing on underwater activities in the  nuclear energy sector.  We are dedicated to the SAFETY of personnel and plant equipment by implementing safety hazard analysis, conduct of diving, diving and underwater maintenance procedures and training for plant personnel. Let us assist you with our consultants experienced both in commercial diving and nuclear maintenance.

We can:

·         Evaluate preventive maintenance tasks by studying periodicity and their subsequent outcomes to best determine when and if diving is necessary.

·         Oversee, evaluate and manage current dive operations and guide clients to achieve their objectives through improved performance and resource utilization.

·         Identify specific processes in relation to diving that need to be integrated or improved.

·         Help analyze, define, and plan which jobs are best done underwater, those which may only require underwater tooling or ROV, and jobs which may not need to be performed by divers at all. Not all tasks require diving in order to have a successful outcome.

·         Assist with forecasting and planning of underwater maintenance for an improved or streamlined budget.